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 The Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: The Rules and Regulations   Tue Apr 26, 2011 6:14 pm

Posting/Forum Rules'

How can i post?
Go below the topic, start typing in the big blank space,
click "submit" to post. If you need more help, click the
"help" button on top.

The Rules
-No Swearing or rude words. There are
also some kids here who are un-aware of those words.
-Do not spam the forum. It will lead to a warning
and a bad deduct report.
-Be nice to members around you
Dont be rude to other members.
Help others when they need.
-Do not make double accounts which will
lead to a 2 week ban. If it is done twice,
you will be banned permanently
-When applying for a job, or a rank, do not apply
until you are at least ready or well known with the rules.

Shop Rules

What is a shop?
A shop is hosted by a member where members of the forum can order
icons, signatures, banners and more. This is only for members who can
make graphics using programs like gimp, photoshop, picnik and lunapic
and lots more. Members may use other graphic programs. Enjoy and
Make sure to give credit to them!

The Rules!
-Do not make two shops unless you've asked a staff.
-Do not make more than 300 posts, then you may create a new shop.
-Ask a staff if you are going to create a shop, or apply for a shop.
-All programs of any kind are allowed to be used when making a shop.
-Give credit to the person that made you a graphic.


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The Rules and Regulations
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